A Boy and A Girl in the Shadows

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A Boy and A Girl in the Shadows

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'A Boy and A Girl in the Shadows' is a collection of short stories you will be unable to put down until you finish! And when you do, you are going to be wanting more, and more!

Eva Alordiah is a Nigerian Rapper/Entertainer, and a Writer with a skill for wordplay. A Boy and A Girl in the Shadows is her first collection of stories and she plays smoothly in the semi-erotic genre, captivating readers and holding them spell bound till the finish.

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GENRE: Semi Erotic Fiction


"For now he was okay to standout back and watch as her husband rammed in and of her powerfully. Bam-bam-bam! His fuck-candence was incredible! Such rhythm to it, as though they were making music. He hated to see her under him like that. He hated them both.

But he admired the man's skills. He had to give that to him.The way her big fleshy ass jiggled and bounced against him in tune, UurghH! He wanted her.She was clearly on a ride of her life. Little wonder she dumped him to marry this creep.

There was time. Patience.

For now, he would watch. Concealed in the shadows, inconspicuous to them."

----"A Quickie In the 01" - 11 by Elohor Eva Alordiah

A quick look at myself and I was ready to join the party again.

When I turned around to face him, we were eye ball to eye ball.

My feet quivered in my heeled shoes. My heart burned in my chest. I felt a wetness materialize in my thong I couldn't believe how fast it happened. It usually took a lot to get me wet, yet here I was feeling like I could rain in any minute! He was looking intently at me, his gaze piercing, his eyes questioning.

"What?" I asked curtly, impatient to be rid of the tautness that had invited itself between us.

"I want to kiss you," he said, exposing a raging hunger in the timbre of his voice. Lord! This was not happening. I was not quite ready for this. I wondered savagely if my breath smelled okay. I should have taken the mint gum his friend had offered in the car on the drive here. Did I smell nice?

Before I could say a word, he was already upon me, tightening the gap between us and quelling the tautness in it as he did so. His big chest became a cushion for my head and I had to stand on tip toes to reach his mouth.

He kissed me, plunging his sweet tongue into my mouth and driving it in and out and in and out as though he were fucking my mouth with it.

----"I am High Off You" - 11 by Elohor Eva Alordiah


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